TAMAR BRAXTON fala sobre as irmãs, casar por dinheiro… e plásticas!

Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton
é uma das figuras centrais e absolutamente a Diva do reality-show “Braxton Family Values”. Numa entrevista feita pelo site Black Enterprise, a irmã de Toni  Braxton respondeu a algumas das questões que os fãs e seguidores do programa perguntam-se a propósito da atitude de Tamar. Confiram abaixo um excerto desta entrevista:

Se o programa causou rivalidades entre as irmãs:

At first I did, and it was very difficult for me because I would get accused of acting like a prima donna. But I’m like, if y’all think about it, I’ve been making the same faces since I was about 2 [years old]. I think the problem is when you see it on TV it’s magnified. I believe it was difficult for my sisters to watch it and they became defensive. But again, I’ve always been candid and honest. I believe everybody is back to normal and it was more of the surprise the first season.”

Sobre Toni (Braxton) não ser mais agenciada por Vince Herbert (manager da Lady Gaga e marido de Tamar):

I think people grow up and people want different things. When you’re an artist and a sibling is getting the attention or some of the opportunities for the same person it can be difficult. I think in any relationship there are changes and in this case Toni and Vince had to do what makes them happy and that’s all I’m gonna say about that.” (Laughs)

Sobre os rumores que casou por dinheiro com o Vince:

One that really bothers me is that I [married] my husband for money. What? Where did that come from? Are you saying that because he’s thick? How do you know I don’t like teddy bears? I mean, really? Have a seat. Do people realize that [those comments] are very disrespectful to my relationship and friendship with my husband? I find no humor in that. To have people [speculating] about why you like what you like. Don’t they think that could affect how he feels about himself or me? If we didn’t have that openness and friendship it could. I’m sure those comments hurt his feelings. Sometimes people wanna say, ‘With all that mouth Tamar has…’ and I say to [all of them], have several seats because I’m gonna always stand up for myself, my husband and our relationship.”

A sua opinião sobre cirúgias plásticas e se clareou o tom da pele:

Yes, I believe in plastic surgery because I believe you’re supposed to enhance what you are not happy with. And if I bleached my skin then I wouldn’t have stretch marks, right? So boom!” (Laughs)


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